230ORECO-450 Yuuri and Takuro

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230ORECO-450 Yuuri and Takuro
Manufacturer: My amateur -Z-
Recording time: 59min
Part number: 230ORECO-450
Distribution start date: 2023/09/04
Product release date: DVD not yet released
Label: My amateur -Z-
Genre: Distribution exclusive Full Hi -Vision (FHD) Amateur Creampie Esthetic Massage Busty Lotion / Oil

“Is it the friendship between men and women? Isn’t it?” ← I think this is an eternal theme for humans to live.The Echi video to be delivered this time is cut into such a magnificent theme.

Yuri -chan and Takuro -kun cooperated this time.It seems that they are nursery teachers in the same garden, and they are also full of gentle atmosphere, maternal, and paternity w.

Yuri is a god boobs that can not be decided.It is a bowl -shaped and large and elasticity, and the onomatopoeia that looks great.The size and shape of the areola are just right.The skin is beautiful and the personality is clear.Such nursery teachers are really crazy.Takuro is a good young man and a really good father.

The only challenge of such a good feeling is that you can’t challenge with the same clothing as it is with an “slimy crotch experience with an oil esthetic”, so change your clothes to the appropriate esthetic.They are shy and change their clothes while turning their backs while saying, “Don’t look at it … //”.Echiichi.

Immediately start the experience of oil esthetics.Drop beautiful oil on each other’s body and touch each other.Of course, it’s not a lover ‘, so you don’t have a bad feeling there.

“Oh … I feel … //”


Is that?w Yuri’s beautiful nipples are erected, and they are so slimy that they can be seen visually (apart from oil).On the other hand, the other party ● Po is already like a gingin

Both of us are so excited w
This is a pink atmosphere!!


I started intercrural sex.Every time each other’s raw chin and raw man rub each other, Yuri -chan’s cute face is distorted, and the body is frustrating.

Nunpupu … Zupoppo …!

Ma -ko and gingin and gingin and gingin are erected.At that moment, Yuri -chan felt too prepared in advance, and he felt it was just before Iku!w

As a result, no friendship between men and women.For better or worse, it became an adult relationship w Please check the actual video of what happened after this wv


Date: September 4, 2023

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