230OREMO-009 Maiyan

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230OREMO-009 Maiyan
Manufacturer: My amateur -Z-
Recording time: 62min
Part number: 230OREMO-009
Distribution start date: 2023/09/05
Product release date: DVD not yet released
Label: My amateur -Z-
Genre: Voyeur, peeping idol, celebrity 3P / 4P Creampie Amateur Full Hi -Vision (FHD) Distribution
“Idols are consumables,” said a veteran manager in his 18th year in the industry.
He understood that the girl was short, and showed a simple and outrageous management to leave numbers in a short period of time.
* Please refrain from identifying idols and contacting yourself, office, etc.

Maiyan (18 years old)

She has a short history of idol activities, and the event venue capacity is about 30 people.It seems that such a sense of size is easy to generate profits.
A new figure that announces SNS while being nervous at the first event venue.With this capacity, it is not good for CD hand -selling.
Sold expensive paid options other than the outrayment to obtain a net profit and other products other than product sales.
Fans who have purchased can do whatever they want … * Other than fans, they come for their body.

Event handshake event -can also sell underwear images in costumes.
I have a cute smile without knowing the circumstances of adults.

One of the management is to take advantage of the ambitious girl who wants to sell with idols and lick it.
Fans are devouring the idol’s body to satisfy the desire to sell.

Idols are buried and messed up
The neck is carried out, the rice is dirty with sperm, and the cute beautiful voice is panting …


Date: September 7, 2023
Actors: Star

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