300MIUM-1010 G-cup, echigo-chic little devil sister picked up in reverse! Forbidden cuckold document! The married man who had been single-minded about his wife with his adult charms, while rubbing her boobs he is proud of, is having an affair for the first time! Why do you think I get boners? It’s because I’m the one you’re with.” She is full of confidence and pheromone max seduction and is inevitably very excited! She had a very thick sex and got it inside her before her wife did!

60 / 100

300MIUM-1010 Gカップ・えっちな小悪魔お姉さんが逆ナンパ!!禁断の寝取りドキュメント!!自慢のおっぱいをこすりつけつつw大人の魅力で嫁一途だった既婚者ち●ぽが初不倫!!「なんで勃っちゃうと思う?私が相手だからだよ?」と自信満々でフェロモンMAX誘惑で大興奮必至!超濃厚SEXで嫁よりも先に中出し!!!
出演: ユメちゃん 28歳 インフルエンサー
メーカー: プレステージプレミアム(PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
収録時間: 118min
品番: 300MIUM-1010
配信開始日: 2024/03/31
商品発売日: DVD未発売
シリーズ: NTRリバース
レーベル: prestigepremium
ジャンル: 独占配信 配信専用 素人 フルハイビジョン(FHD) 中出し 逆ナン 寝取り・寝取られ 巨乳 パイズリ 痴女
Yume is 28 years old. She has a well-defined face and flabby breasts that immediately catch the eye. When asked, she said she was an influencer. No wonder she’s so beautiful.
She is quite a chi-chi lover who says that when the time comes to be popular, she tastes men on a daily basis.
Yume has one friend at present. She is also married.
She says she prefers to go rather than to come, so she immediately challenged a man with a girlfriend and a family to a NTR reverse-nanning session!
She was in seduction mode with a sweet voice while looking for a man of her type, and it took her several dozen minutes to talk to him.
She succeeded in getting a married man with her beautiful face and her boob-pushing talk despite missing several chances!
After a dinner and shopping date, she said, “I can’t just leave like this, can I?” and slowly closed the distance in the car,
He told her he was just going to sleep with her, and then they went to a hotel.
She said, “When a man gets hard, he can’t think about anything else…?” He said, “When a man gets hard here, he can’t think about it…?
‘I checked his erect adulterous penis from the top of his trousers! ‘You’re getting an erection from another woman! While teasing her, the man with a family forgets about his wife and accepts her kiss.
He forgets about his wife and accepts her kisses, even sticking his tongue out himself.
He breaks his limit when a sweet voice whispers in his ear, “It’s okay to get fucked without thinking about anything…”.
She takes out his erect penis, which is now so erect that it hurts, and crawls on his tongue.
She even dresses him up like a dog and licks his anus, saying “I’ve made him so hard…” with a happy expression on her face.
Yume herself seems to have become completely addicted to the feeling of stealing another man’s cock.
She can’t hold back any longer and she gets a married man’s adulterous dick in her soggy pussy raw.
When he strikes her in the cowgirl position and touches her portio, she says, “Ohhhhh, that feels so good! and she comes all over the place on her own.
No one can stop her now. The last part is “Please let me cum inside you like this! and finished with a plea to be ejaculated inside.
The two of them can’t stop cumming with even more vigour and heat. Yume changes into a shiny erotic costume and has even more intense sex…
The man had told his wife that he was going home after shopping, but he completely lost track of time and went to …….

Date: March 31, 2024
Actors: Star

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