FC2 PPV 3097074 Kyoto _ Specialized student (secretly recorded support)

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FC2 PPV 3097074 Kyoto _ Specialized student (secretly recorded support)


FC2 PPV 3097074

A professional student who wanted money for traveling abroad and supported me

She was a daughter who couldn’t do her part -time job in Corona, and she was a daughter who helped her, and she wanted a lot of her forehead, so she was OK without rubber.
Because it is a very ordinary child and the cuteness is normal (sorry for women), I will study the price in price.
Is it unusual to hear one point “man fart”? It’s a video, I’ve only heard it a few times (laughs)

Due to the nature of the video, there are many private and up videos, mainly the bed scenes.
★ I’m a little confident in the quality of girls! ! ★ (I am doing my best and carefully selected)

★ “PEEPING” = “peeping”. ★
* Peep *
* 50s, single, human dislikes (community disorder), more than 20 years of history (self -proclaimed master), masturbation lover (every day), Defeated soap (/_;) *
・ Started support in search of an amateur search (I first met a lot of pain)
・ I wanted a record and an original Osho story in the support 〇, and started shooting secretly.
・ I am not satisfied with watching the video I shot, and I want to be proud of a cute child.
We all do it alone to shoot and edit for confidentiality, and if you are tired of ordinary AV, you can try it once.
Sometimes you may be able to get along with your daughter and negotiate financially and get OK for “mobile shooting”, please enjoy subjective videos as spices.
It is a fixed camera shooting, editing to improve ease of viewing, but it comes off the frame or has wired noise, do not expect professional videos.
★ Please definitely quit reprinting / resale to prevent body bald, please be sure to enjoy it yourself ★

Date: September 23, 2022

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