Sexart.19.06.09 Felicity, Cristal Caitlin & Don Diego

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Sexart.19.06.09 Felicity, Cristal Caitlin & Don Diego
Film: Felicity
Cast:Cristal Caitlin & Don Diego
Director:Andrej Lupin
Released:Jun 09, 2019
Producer:Ariel Piper Fawn
Camera Operator:John Humble, John Sweet, Ty Rodriguez
Still Photographer:David Jones
Editor:John Sweet
Makeup Artist:Petrine Kold
Production Manager:Miriam Nyie

Beautiful brunette Cristal Caitlin lies in bed, squirming with arousal, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Felicity” – a title which means “intense happiness” – begins. The cause of Cristal’s great pleasure is Don Diego, who is kissing and caressing her slender, sexy body lovingly. He emerges from beneath the bedcovers, pulling off his sweetheart’s white lace lingerie to suck her stiff nipples, before going down to eat her succulent pussy. They switch, Cristal gazing up at her man adoringly as she licks, sucks and jerks his hard cock. She straddles him and guides his erection into her tight pussy, sliding up and down on it as they kiss passionately. They move into missionary, Don fucking Cristal with long, slow strokes, then holding her ankles high as he goes harder and deeper, strumming her clit to drive her wild. In doggy, he drills her to a powerful orgasm, and then a second, thrusting vigorously as he shoots a hot load inside her.

Sexart.19.06.09 Felicity, Cristal Caitlin & Don Diego

Date: December 1, 2021
Actors: Cristal Caitlin

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